Main entrance The realtime compo is open Vulgar is working on his picture Kosice city Stereo upgrade board Shot'em all multijoy competition Eiffel - PC keyboard adapter for Atari ST Baggio Jookie The blue world Price for the best bowler Bob!k at the work tWh and Bob!k New GamePark hand held with atari800 emulator Deez and Baggio Sedma and Mikro New Jaguar game - JagMIND: Bomb Squad KradD working on his game A bit of sport Sleeping room Wild compo entry - Sedma's old hires demo Earth Atari 8bit gfx Atari 8bit gfx Votesheet ST gfx Falcon CT60 demo Falcon CT60 demo Falcon CT60 demo Party logo on big screen KradD introducing his multiplayer game for Falcon Expert, -Xi-, Mikro Winning ceremony Last party picture