The Beginning Unpacking The breadbox and the mixer Playing with the stick Little green man Taste it To eat or not to eat? That is the question I have bean to Prague We'd rather let him in Schwarzkopf PMI-80 PMI-80 Graceful death Halcyon moment Treasure of measure Staring in awe ZX Spectrum +2 Warning! Damage to this seal will void your soul Atari 1040 STE ze slevarny Atari 1040 STE ze slevarny - zdroj Plying the pliers Paparazzo Does it tickle Screwing around Atari 1040 STE ze slevarny - board Atari 1040 STE ze slevarny v chodu Commodore C64 + Ultimate Good old sinew Can of worms Southbridge This way up Flaky windows Rise of the triad Amstrad PCW Exhibition Schneider Pitch black Compact things Shades of gray Invasion of privacy Minigraf 0507 Minigraf drawing Top secret game The Worms Crawl In, The Worms Crawl Out Redprint Advanced Microelectrosex Kit ANK1 What a MAME! Old fruit Black swan Having phun Reading tabloids Facing the interfaces Monkey business Maze of problems Macaroni Juicy Joyce Pandora's box Didaktik Gama Atari 850 Brainstorming Back to the roots Sharp guys Fried bits Smile detector ON Door to history Covox The IT Crowd Petr 51 Charged girl Wotnau's back! Winner takes it all Blue screen of videogame industry's death Rotax we have Crowded Toilet notebook Atomic Borderman Funny papers Nothing to be sad about The ZX Factor Pretty basic The guru is still meditating... Rotating guns Filling the extended memory for an extended period of time Admiring his own work Keyboard jam Waitstate Who let the mouse out Apple Quadra Atari 7800 Now what? Moment of concentration He left me for another girl Something fishy The Sleeper Must Awaken The light on the dark side of me Northbridge Always look on the bright green and yellow side of life Jumble hunt Are you Sirius? Atari's PLatari's platonic love Commodore C64 Atari 800XE Gonna logout I am not Frodo Sticks full of joy Altair 8800 replika Dex don't do h1x to your Macs Inside Altair replika There's something into it Let the story unfold Hot wheels Burnin' Rubber Who said I've got no balls? Not anymore! Altair 8800 replika Leaving the crime scene Duck and cover Pop the cherry Packing up The End