MyIDE manager running on Atari Eureka A4 with XT keyboard T-REX board CPC emulator on T-REX Enterprise 128 Sam Coupe Inside Sam Coupe Ondra Printer Gamacentrum 02 From Portfolio to Psion Netbook Bytefest banner from TI-59 tWh and Bob!k Tisk ze ZX Spectrum na MiniGraf 0507 TI-59 TI-59 with printer New IDE64 Emgeton magnetic cards for TI-59 from Czech F1 running from SatanDisk on Atari ST HP-41C with barcode reader Emulator TI-59 on big screen PCH and his C64 Keyboard ANK-1 PCH and his new hardware for C64 Slacha SDrive Suitcase full of Commodore