Zdenek Burian Fandal with Raster playing Zybex C+4 portable Amiga 1200 C128D Apple corner Apple corner ByteFest board C64 IDE64 with compact flash painted C64 Inside Apple 2 ZX with DivIDE CF card in DivIDE MyIDE inside Atari XE SAM Coupe 8bit exhibition All of ZXs Pegasos Inside Pegasos ZX81 Sinclair's portable TV Sinclair's portable TV Fuxoft, Scalex and Case prepare performance Wixet with Cambridge Z88 Z88 Z88 Scalex plays music from Commando Fuxoft remixes Hubbard's game music Case plays music from Monty on the run SAPI 1 SAPI 1 Ondra PP01 Consul C2717 AKA Zbrojovacek Zbrojovacek from back Zbrojovacek's network module Consuls in network Fandal, Milan Kleibl and PCH play Cervi Raster and Fandal play Joust Atari 65XE with Sony PSOne LCD and SIO2IDE harddrive FLOP 47 on LCD screen BT100 - 1 pin printer BT100 plays music from Didaktik kompakt 8 inches floppy Ondra's box +GAMA talks about Apples Replica 1 Inside Apple IIgs Apple IIgs in network with Apple notebook Consul with 8 Consul keyboard close view Main computer in Consuls network runs CP/M Three Consuls in network Zbrojovacek in crowd PP01 Ondra Apple II gs Replica 1 with ASCII keyboard Replica 1 SAPI 1 ZX Spectrum +2 with floppy