tWh and TWW Thorsten of F2 Fandal and Raster tests competition machines TWW, Kitten Vladka and Maruska Prototype of XEGS RAMCART Falcon people Bohdan and Mark Keates with his daughter -XI-'s XEGS with 1MB RAM, STEREO TT boots SpareMiNT Bohdan Milar starts Atariada officialy Bohdan Milar with Zdenek Burian Metex multimeter connected to Atari Portfolio -XI- with his wife Atariada Schedule Petr Stehlik prepares his presentation tWh plays Pole Position with USB driwing wheel Expedition from Decin Inside of MultiJoy 16/2 Inside of MultiJoy 16/2 Petr Stehlik and his presentation of free software Kitten plays Pole Position Forest of joysticks Cervi 2 competition MultiJoy in action 16 people playing cervi 2 MultiJoy in action TOS 4.01 Atari Portfolio with LCD backlight networking stuff CT60 close view XEGS RAMCART in 800 XE Raster and Bob!k prepare presentation of XEGS RAMCART XEGS RAMCART in action Commando XEGS RAMCART in action Tower Toppler Gildor, P.B.S and  Ctirad Zdenek Burian shows his gear tWh talks about USB cart for 8bit USB cart presentation USB driving wheel International visitors Organisers of Atariada Bohdan, Vladka and Maruska After Atariada in Olomouc